About Us

Abut Builders India (P) Ltd. Is a reliable Civil Engineering and development company in Kunamkulam. Abut Builders India has always been taking care to give value for money and transparency in business. By providing world class solutions for all types of customers including industrial, commercial, and individual clients. Abut Builders India never ever compromised the quality of construction as we build our business upon the value of trust. Also Abut Builders India has earned credibility from our customers for our transparency and openness. We Abut Builders India have a young vibrant innovative team of civil engineers and architects with an experienced management team. As Abut Builders India celebrates our 14th Anniversary this year we owns a decade of experience in the construction industry which empower us to provide durable and modern construction solutions to our ever growing clients.We identify the unique elements of your project and enhance the value of your team by creating an efficient, collaborative atmosphere. With our depth of experience and expertise in design, estimating and field operations, we know what it takes to ensure that your construction project is a success.

  Our key services are Listed below.